UPDATE: April 14, 2020 – Mrs. Heinberg donated blood Monday morning in efforts to save a stranger’s life. She explained they are taking plasma from her a little bit differently this time. She said she is donating whole blood then it will be sent to a lab to be processed for plasma which plans to do to a patient in need. This occurred Monday morning which is weeks sooner than originally anticipated.

Photo: Karen Heinberg

Tampa, FL – Watch Part 1 of Karen’s story here. Karen Heinberg, a 56 year old elementary school guidance counselor shares part one of her two part story on her positive diagnosis of COVID-19 and her recovery. Her message of hope falls on no better weekend than Easter.

As Florida nears the expected COVID-19 Apex date, your neighbors and fellow residents will be in great need of antibodies from survivors. If you are a survivor or COVID-19, we encourage you to share your plasma to help other Florida residents that will soon be in need of life-saving antibodies. You can review all of the requirements on OneBlood’s website.