Pasco County, FL – Some Tampa Bay residents still not heeding Governor Ron DeSantis’ Executive Order. More than 70 Pasco County residents have tested positive for COVID-19. With the number still anticipated to rise, one Pasco resident, Tina Bonet pleads with community to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. She believes a delay in early and consistent messaging from Florida officials may be the cause of many in the community ignoring the best safety practices set forth by local and state leadership.

Bonet’s daughter, currently working in the restaurant industry is still at risk. “They did the…to-gos only…you can still get [COVID-19]. You have to stay super-clean there, otherwise you’re bringing it home to your kids. It’s very very frustrating.”
Tina continues to plea with the community to adhere to state and local safety precautions. “I noticed yesterday, there’s a lot of people out, it’s like business as usual. We have to follow what happening or we’re just going to be inside longer. It’s sad. Very very sad.”

Link: Florida’s COVID-19 Website