(CBS Local)–“DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow” has been an important chapter in actor Brandon Routh’s career.

He’s had the opportunity to work alongside his wife Courtney Ford and hone his comedic skills. On top of that, Routh will also get the chance to put on the Superman cape again during the crossover and Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Routh played the iconic superhero in the 2006 film “Superman Returns” and is excited to play the role again after some important life experience.

“I did it and it was done, but it was never fully done for me” said Routh in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “There was always that unresolved bit of it. I did that experience and I was 24 or 25 at the time and very naive. I thought this would be my future for a couple of films. That didn’t happen the way that I planned. I had a lot of time dealing with that perceived future that didn’t happen the way that I had intended it to. Now I step back into the suit and the role with the maturity that I’ve gained over the past 13 years. It’s really awesome and exciting and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I’ve had resolution with it and I feel at peace with the whole thing.”

The actor made a name for himself outside of playing Superman as Ray Palmer. Routh has a background in comedy and enjoys exploring the comedic freedom of the character.

“It’s a different kind of comedy to play,” said Routh. “The last comedy I did was a sitcom live studio audience show for CBS called Partners back in 2012. That was bigger and it’s a different way of approaching a laugh or a joke. With this, it had to be a little more subtle, but Ray is not that subtle. It’s about finding that balance with the other characters. That’s the fun challenge on the day where I can’t plan what I’m going to do. I have an idea of how a joke is going to be, but sometimes that changes completely when I’m on the set.”

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