How do I adjust to life after a brain injury? Dr. Soliman explains.


Brain and Spine Neuroscience Institute

3 locations including Tampa, FL| 813-336-4461 | Website

Primary Focus: Minimally invasive alternative to joint replacement.

About Brain and Spine Neuroscience Institute: excerpt from website

Our mission is to serve our patients by creating a comfortable and respectful healing environment by offering minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures with personalized care and attention.

Our neurosurgeons are board-certified and board-eligible in neurological surgery and specialize in minimally invasive spine and brain procedures.  At the Brain and Spine Neuroscience Institute, you work with our physicians and staff to prescribe the best treatment strategy for your complaints.  You will find that the goal is taking care of you as a whole and not just treating your complaints.

Our physicians ensures that you have non-operative options, as surgery is usually the last resort.


Brain and spinal health needs. A full list of procedures is also available here.



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