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Sean McManus is one of the most important television executives in the world today.

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The Chairman of CBS Sports and son of legendary sportscaster Jim McKay has played a key role for decades in CBS’s planning and execution of the Super Bowl. McManus loves this event for a number of different reasons, but there is also much more involved than just the matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. He still remembers all the emotions from the very first time he was an executive producer of the Super Bowl.

“It was very daunting and very nerve-racking knowing that it was going to be the biggest day in all of television,” said McManus in an interview at CBS Sports Super Bowl Media Day earlier this month. “It was in many ways the culmination of my career because I knew it was going to be the most watched broadcast of the year. I knew all eyes were going be focused on CBS. It was a memorable day in my life”

McManus served as President of both CBS Sports and CBS News for more than five years. The only other person to ever do that was legendary television executive Roone Arledge. One of the best decisions McManus made recently was pairing Jim Nantz and Tony Romo together in the booth. They have been even better than advertised in his eyes.

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“They have exceeded our lofty expectations,” said McManus. “The thing that is exciting for me is they’re getting better each and every week. They have only been doing it for two years. They’re getting more comfortable with each other, the chemistry is better and they’re interacting with Tracy Wolfson on the field even better.”

While fans prepare maybe a few weeks or months for their Super Bowl parties or trip to the game, CBS Sports has been planning for this day for over a year. McManus is a veteran when it comes to the grind, but he relishes how it brings together the CBS family in a unique way.

“What I find most satisfying about it is that the entire CBS corporation comes together,” said McManus. “The entire corporation wraps itself around the Super Bowl, which is extraordinary. It will be the largest grossing day in terms of ad revenue in the history of CBS. There’s hundreds of millions of dollars generated.

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Watch Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, Feb. 3, on your local CBS station and online at CBS All AccessKickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. EST.