COVINGTON, Ga. (CBS Local) — A high school student in Georgia claims a sheriff’s deputy used excessive force when he body slammed him to the ground after he took a candy bar from a vending machine.

14-year-old Asah Glenn, a student at Alcovy High School in Covington opened a vending machine Thursday and a group of people ran over to take candy.

Glenn says he also ran over and that’s when he was body slammed by the Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

“It was a blur. I was scared for my life and I didn’t know what was going on,” Glenn told CBS affiliate WGCL. “I ran over there grabbed a Snickers, turned around coach grabbed me and it went from there.”

A video posted to social media showed what happened next.

“They’re choking him and they run him into the wall, lift him up, and you can see them try to body slam him to the ground. His hands are up the whole time,” said Glenn’s attorney, Mawuli Davis. “He’s 125, 130 pounds max and these are grown men. It was traumatizing for him.”

Glenn hurt his rib and scraped both knees. He was suspended from school for three days and is among three students faces charges of theft and disorderly conduct.

The sheriff’s office said deputy seen in the video has been reassigned pending results of an investigation into his actions.


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