Blue Bloods returned for a ninth season earlier this year and the show is switching things up to make it fresher than ever! Long time partners Jamie Reagan  (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) are together at last and are set to bring a whole new dynamic to the show with their engagement.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Ray and Estes about their character’s engagement, changes to the show and what type of cake could potentially be served at the wedding.

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MW- Hello how are you both doing?

WE- Good!

VR- Doing well Matt, how are you?

MW- All’s well over here! Congratulations to you both right off the bat, Blue Bloods is in its ninth season now and the show is still delivering. How do you all along with the crew and writers keep things fresh and keep people locked in?

WE- I think that we’re able to embrace some big changes on the show recently which I think helps a lot. It feels like a new show to us practically. Our characters got engaged and sort of finally admitted their feelings for each other and that means they can’t ride together any more.

VR- That creates a whole new series of problems.

WE- New problems and a new dynamic. My character ends up getting promoted yet we’re still working together so technically my character is Eddie’s boss. That proves both fun and challenging. Vanessa has a new partner now as well on the show. So the show feels very alive and we’re having fun.

VR- Yea, it’s cool! It’s really great on such a long running show to have a new set, a new series of dynamics to play with, we’re really fortunate that way.

WE- New characters, new relationships all of it.

VR- My hair is down a lot more than it was before [laughs]. I’m not in uniform as much.

WE- That’s the real story here, let’s make no mistake [laughs].

MW- Obviously your hair is the main factor [laughs] but aside from that Vanessa, your character now has to get used to Will’s character becoming her boss and Eddie also has a seat at the family table now. Can you talk about everything going on personally for Eddie?

VR- Definitely, before when our characters had differing opinions we were still equals but now the buck kind of stops with Jamie and there’s a little bit of an issue there. In real life – Eddie is planning the wedding and that’s where the buck really stops [laughs].

WE- When Jamie wins at work he loses at home.

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VR- That’s right! We’re having chocolate cake and there’s nothing you can do about it! Just kidding, that’s not a spoiler, that’s not a spoiler.

MW- Sounds like a spoiler, so there will be chocolate cake at the wedding…

VR- Oh no, I’ve ruined it [laughs].

WE- And that’s a wrap.

MW- Will your character recently got a long overdue promotion, so a lot going on personally but what is going to change for your character professionally?

WE- I was getting tired of my police officer friends asking when I was going to get promoted. I was glad we could finally give them what they want. The most fun part was when I finally came on set in a sergeant’s uniform. We work closely with former NYPD detectives and they got a kick out of it. Any change is fun when you’re on a long running show so that was a great one for me to have those moments with the guys.

MW- So other than potentially the type of cake being served, is there any info you can share with fans about the upcoming wedding between your characters?

WE- They keep us totally in the dark.

VR- Like they would trust US?

WE- But we do expect a wedding at some point.

MW- Alright well we’ll all be looking forward to that and whatever else is on the horizon for Blue Bloods. Thank you so much to both of you for taking the time to speak with me today. Good luck on the rest of the season and enjoy the cake!

VR- Thanks Matt!

WE- Thanks man, take care.

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