The jacket has claimed another victim as Lyrsa Torres is the latest to fall after getting wrapped up in the controversy of the season’s most important piece of fashion. Torres was ousted from the Jabeni tribe after a unanimous vote from fellow Jabenis Mike, Nick and Angelina – making the second episode in a row to see a Jabeni departure.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Torres earlier today to discuss the infamous jacket, dealing with the weather and what she would do differently if given another go in the game.

MW- Hey Lyrsa!

LT- Hi Matt!

MW- So, the jacket. I think this is the most talked about article of clothing in Survivor history. Can you give me your perspective on everything that went down with Angelina and the whole situation?

LT- First of all, I didn’t expect that jacket to be the 21st cast member of the show [laughs]. It was just a jacket to me, apparently people valued that jacket way more than what I was bringing to the tribe. It really made me uncomfortable how it went down last week because that’s not the way I carry myself. I’m not saying they’re like that right now but at that point in the game I felt like something material was more important than a person.

As a human that hurts your feelings. A jacket is more important than me bringing you food, helping out in camp, doing my best in challenges – I felt really disappointed. It seemed like I wasn’t worth it but the jacket was, so that hurt a little bit. That’s not the way I carry myself in life.

MW- Then it was time for the vote and I’m sure you would have liked things to go a different way but analyzing things from a strategic standpoint – what did you think of Nick and Mike’s decision to vote you out?

LT- I went into the game with two bags, one for winning and one for losing. It’s a game and the premise of the show is that only one is going to win. We are all capable of winning and that’s why they chose us. In a strategic move and where we were, for Mike that was the best move. He was going to merge with a bunch of people hating him on the Goliaths otherwise and Davids that don’t know him. So I get it from Mike’s point and I understand that Nick was maybe against the fence because if he doesn’t go with Mike he could be out.

This is a game. I’m very happy that I was able to go into this adventure that I never expected to be. For me it was a win-win. I learned so much about myself, so much about people, so much about appreciating what you have in life. Probably if I was in that position I would have done the same.

MW- I’ve spoken to a number of other castoffs this year and most people have said the weather was the biggest obstacle this season, do you agree with that or was there something else that you found really difficult while playing the game?

LT- You know what, the weather to me was not that bad. I come from a tropical island so we get rain every single day, it rains for five minutes and then its sunny. The first night we didn’t have a roof and you guys didn’t see this but nobody slept because it was raining. I just crawled myself into a little ball in the shelter and I slept all night long.

The weather was never an issue to me, to me the issue was mostly if people were going to really like me because I’m so different. Not because of the hair or the tattoos or the way I look but because I’m from a different culture. I spent my whole life in Puerto Rico, I was not raised here like other people. Like Angelina’s background she is a Latina but she was raised here. Most of my concerns in the game were about if people were really understanding me because I’m so different or are they playing me. Apparently they did like me but the circumstances didn’t help me at all.

MW- If you had the chance to get back on the island and play the game, would you?

LT- Oh yea! If they called me right now and said pack one set of clothing you’re leaving – I would go. I would just play more ruthless. I was way nice and I didn’t lie to my people, the people I connected with. I wanted to be very loyal and honest and I think that was one of my downfall. I would play more ruthless and be more savvy in the game.

MW- Well hopefully you get that chance and we can see you back out there.

LT- Crossing my fingers!

MW- Thank you so much Lyrsa, it’s been a pleasure talking to you!

LT- Thank you, same to you!

Tune in for an all-new episode of Survivor next Wednesday at 8:00PM ET/PT. Check your local listings for more information.