SEFFNER, Fla. (CBS Local) — A 14-year-old Florida girl was arrested and charged after a video allegedly showed her beating up a classmate in the school bathroom.

Deputies with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office say a witness recorded a video of the incident and posted it on social media.

The video shows the attacker punch, kick and drag another 14-year-old girl around the bathroom as others stood by and watched.

The fight between the two 14-year-olds happened just before 1 p.m. Thursday at Armwood High School in Seffner. School administrators broke it up after hearing the victim scream.

The teen accused in the beating told investigators she was angry because the victim’s cousins had followed her around campus.

The suspect was expelled from school and charged with battery and false imprisonment, according to law enforcement.

The student who allegedly recorded the incident faces disciplinary action “in accordance to school guidelines,” officials said.

  1. Samuel Green says:

    Under Eric Holder’s and Barack Hussein’s watch, this African American teen would have caused both of them to crack a smile, then ask the principal to go easy on her as she WAS the victim, being that the victim is white and all, just like Obama’s department of justice looked away EVERY time a wayward African American teen played knock out the elderly white person game.

    It’s sad that people film and video these events, rather than lend aid. It’s sad

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