(WJZ/CBS Local)– The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is encouraging seafood lovers to try fish-free seafood products.

“Attention, ‘pescatarians’: Fish are intelligent and feel pain,” PETA wrote in a recent post.

So they offer up some vegan seafood options:

  • Gardein has both crabless cakes and fishless filets.
  • Whole Foods also offers fish-free sushi that’s made by Ocean Hugger Foods. The Ahimi vegan tuna is made from tomatoes. In Maryland, it’s only at the Silver Spring and Rockville locations.
  • Sophie’s Kitchen products of fishless filets, coconut “shrimp,’  and “crab” cakes can be found at Safeway, Whole Foods and other area natural markets. They also have a faux seafood jambalaya.

There are also products like vegan fish sauce and vegan tartar sauce to accompany your seafood-free dishes.

PETA also claims that fish flesh is toxic to humans.

Read more on PETA’s website


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