NICEVILLE, Fla. (CBS Local)– A George Foreman grill can be used to cook a lot of different things, but cookies isn’t on that list.

A Florida man caused a fire in his home after Niceville firefighters allege that the man began making cookies on his George Foreman grill and left the grill unattended. According to reports, the man said he drank two liters of vodka and smoked marijuana earlier that day.

When Niceville police officers and firefighters arrived at the scene, the man was allegedly naked and unaware of what was happening. According to the fire department’s investigation, the George Foreman grill caught fire and then the man inside attempted to use towels to put out the fire. Those towels were soon engulfed in flames.

A police officer eventually detained the man and removed him from the house. Firefighters on the scene believe the man could’ve died of smoke inhalation if he had stayed in the house a few minutes longer.


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