You may know Kevin Hart from, well, seemingly everything. Hollywood’s busiest man is adding a new line to his personal credits as he debuts as the host of CBS’ new obstacle course game show TKO: Total Knock OutHart spoke to CBS LA’s Suzanne Marques about the show and how his good friend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would fare stepping into the arena.

“We want to encourage people that don’t consider themselves to be the highest level of an athlete,” said Hart. “We wanted to engage that person that’s your everyday individual to come and be a part of the show.”

As for how “The Most Electrifying Man In All Of Entertainment,” aka Dwayne Johnson, would do on TKO – Hart pulled no punches.

“Horrible and I don’t think none of those platforms are equipped to hold him up,” said Hart. “He would break it, he would break the set. Just his big, loud feet running all over the set. We wouldn’t have a set, it would be a waste of money.”

Tune in tonight to see the actual contestants take on the TKO course at 9/8 C, only on CBS.


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