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Arizona Cardinals tight end Jermaine Gresham is receiving a lot of praise this morning, not for his efforts on the field, rather for his random act of kindness off it. On Wednesday night, Twitter user Delilah Cassidy posted a thread explaining a tough spot she found herself in at the airport.

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As she was getting ready to board her flight, she was informed by American Airlines personnel that she would have to pay a baggage fee to carry on her bag. After trying to make the bag fit under the size requirements, the bag was still too large, making for a fee of $50.

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According to Cassidy’s thread, she had just returned from Europe and her credit cards weren’t working. When she tried to pay in cash, she was told she would have to return to the ticket counter to do so, but that would likely mean missing her flight.

That’s when Gresham stepped in. The Cardinals tight end apparently asked how much the fee was and when he was told $50, he simply said “I got it”. Read Cassidy’s thread below to hear the rest.

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Cassidy, who according to her Twitter bio is a law student at Arizona State and co-host of a sports podcast, told AZ Central that she was very lucky to have met Gresham.