WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA (CBS Local) – Love is no match for man’s best friend. According to a new survey, an overwhelming number of adults would dump their partner if they didn’t like their dog.

A survey of 3,500 dog owners conducted by dog-walking service Wag!, found that 86 percent of respondents would end a relationship if their boyfriend or girlfriend couldn’t get along with their dog.

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“It comes as no surprise to us at Wag! that dog parents place a premium on their dogs’ opinions of other humans and that this plays a deciding factor in their love lives,” company CEO Hilary Schneider said, via StudyFinds.

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In some cases, spouses are even taking a back seat to their husband or wife’s four-legged friend. 16 percent of married dog owners said they preferred celebrating their pet’s birthday over their own spouse’s.

However, the news isn’t all bad as dogs were found to be the key to many people’s hearts. Over 70 percent of people surveyed said they were more likely to “swipe right” if a person’s online dating profile featured their pup. Six in 10 adults claim they were flirted with while walking their furry friend.

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For singles, Wag! says forget the pickup lines and get a dog. Nearly 80 percent of dog owners admit they’d be more likely to go home with someone if that person said they had a dog there waiting to meet them.