By Carson Yarbrough, AskMen

Filing taxes is a chore that ties Americans together. Not everyone loves tax season, but we all have to go through the same struggles – gathering receipts and files to make sure everything is in order for Tax Day in April (April 17 this year). But what may come as a surprise is what people are willing to do to get out of paying their taxes.  According to an survey conducted with more than 1,000 people across the nation, 24% of Americans would be willing to shave their heads or show their browser histories to their significant others to get out of paying taxes. In Florida, 28% they would rather have an embarrassing video of themselves go viral than pay taxes this year! Meanwhile, 26% answered they’d rather go without internet or social media for a year, and 16% would rather show their S.O.’s their browser histories to get out of paying taxes.

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Despite the complexities of our U.S. tax code and looming threat of an IRS audit, more than half of consumers have no concerns when it comes to filing their taxes. However, 15% of Florida citizens worry that they will pay too much in taxes. While most Americans are planning to use their tax refunds for debt-payoff and savings, 14% might spoil themselves with vacations or luxury purchases.




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Whether you are single or married, tax filing can be a daunting process. If you are a newlywed, you will have to choose the best filing status for you as a couple (separately vs. jointly), while keeping in mind factors like incomes, deductions, credits, expenses, children etc. If you’re single with no children, there still may be other deductions you can claim like student loan interest, charitable donations or even moving expenses. Whatever your situation is, the best option is to consult with a CPA or other qualified tax professional. You can also choose to go it alone and prepare your own taxes using a tax software, as many of these services also offer human guides via chat, email or phone.