By Mickie McLeod

It’s a race to the merge! 15 Castaways were left on Survivor: Ghost Island. Every play is critical, and it was a shock that Jeff Probst played a twist in last night’s episode!

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Fate Is The Homie -Survivor (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

“Drop your buffs!” It’s time to switch tribes, once again.

“Fate is in the Homie,” says Desiree. The switching of the tribes could be the bright light at the end of the tunnel for multiple people.This was a total a flip-flop. The two tribes, Malolo and Naviti, were swapped once again but were divided into now three tribes, introducing “Yanuya.”

Fate Is The Homie -Survivor (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

The tribe swaps are always a turning point where the strong players shine, and the weak players fade. The odds of getting to the end are even better now for the Castaways, and it’s a brand new start of Survivor: Ghost Island!


It’s the start of something new with the green, Yanuya Tribe; Jenna, Chris, Sebastian, Wendell, and Laurel.

Since day one, Wendell had kept a seashell that Sebastian loved. Their reunion formed an instant bond between the two as Sebastian says that Wendell is “a buddy that was never my buddy.” The two hit it off right away.

Meanwhile, Wendell is also pretty relieved that Chris is on his tribe because of his physical abilities. What he’s not thrilled about Chris is, well… his ego, and pretty much everyone else isn’t a huge fan of it either. Laurel feels pretty secure on her tribe because she thinks she’s adaptable, especially while dealing with Chris. Chris is continuously talking about his life and even reveals to her that he’s a male model. She wasn’t surprised. This tribe seems to be having a lot of patience with Chris’ personality. As long as he continues fighting in the challenges, he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Fate Is The Homie -Survivor (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)


The new Malolo consists of the five: Michael, James, Desiree, Kellyn, and Angela. Right away, Angela reveals how her last tribe threw her under the bus. She shares the drama with everyone and explains that the original Naviti isn’t very strong after all. Angela is pretty pissed off that her last tribe almost screwed her over in this game.

This is good news for Michael and James though. These two original Malolo members were relieved to be together again despite being outnumbered once again. They feel that maybe Angela could align with them rather than with her original Naviti tribe members, Desiree and Kellyn.

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On the new Naviti tribe, there’s Dom, Bradley, Donathan, Chelsea, and Libby. In this episode, Dom feels there’s a total weight off his shoulders now that his drama with Chris is separated. He doesn’t feel great about Libby however, and refers to her as “a Devil in an Angel’s body.” He thinks she’s pretty cut throat and is watching her every move.

Immunity Challenge

For the first time this season, two Immunity’s are up for grabs! In this challenge, one caller from each tribe would lead their blindfolded tribe through a series of obstacles. Through sawdust, rope, and chaos everywhere, the first two tribes to collect bags of puzzle pieces and solve their puzzle, won Immunity!

Dom, Desiree, and Wendell were the three callers in this challenge. If you’ve seen this challenge before in previous seasons, you’d agreed with me that it’s quite comical, yet painful. As the three callers scream directions to their tribes, there were multiple painful shots of the castaways running into barrels and clunking their heads on the course. However, you just can’t help but laugh.

It was down to the three callers to guide their tribe to solve the puzzles. This challenge came down to the communication from the caller to their entire blind-folded tribe. In the end, it was Desiree whose frustration got in the way and couldn’t lead them to a win. This result meant that the Malolo tribe went to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

It’s all about reversing the curse on this season, not creating new ones! At this rate, Malolo seems to be the tribe that’s simply cursed.

Michael has been at Tribal weekly, and he’s feeling vulnerable as always. He and James are the two original Malolo on the tribe and can’t help but feel outnumbered by the other original three Naviti members. However, since Angela was mad about her last tribe of Naviti castaways, the two feel they can persuade her to vote with them.

James and Michael are aiming for Desiree because she let her tribe down as the caller. Desiree and Jenna, on the other hand, believed that James should be the next one to go. It was up to Angela to decide which way this vote would lay.

In the end, it’s all about your head, heart, and ultimately, your gut to tell you what to do and what move to make in this game. It was unanimous, and James was voted out at Tribal Council. He gave the dirtiest stink eye to Angela while he walked out, but was this such a surprise? The tribe has spoken.

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Who are your favorites so far in this season? There are a few Castaways I have a good feeling about. I got my eye on Wendell, Dom, Michael, and Laurel! Tweet me @mick_cloudy and let’s talk about this impressive season! Don’t miss Survivor: Ghost Island Wednesday’s at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my recaps every week!