By Mickie McLeod

Trusting your gut is essential in life, but especially in the game of Survivor! Did you miss the showdown this week? Here’s what you missed on this week’s episode of Survivor: Ghost Island,

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At the Naviti tribe, it sure was a Chris vs. Dom battle among the tribe. Chris is influencing the majority of his tribe that Dom is sneaky and that he should get voted out next. Since day one, Chris has been bitter about him, especially after Dom showing him a fake idol.

Meanwhile, Dom is forming his alliance with Wendell, the furniture designer, as well as Laurel, the Yale Graduate. These two want to work with Dom, because let’s face it, Chris is just annoying them all. What no one knows is that in this episode, Dom received the Legacy Advantage from Morgan, who was voted out at last Tribal Council. The Legacy Advantage was initially Sierra’s from Survivor: Game Changers. The Legacy Advantage is a type of advantage that gives you Immunity from Tribal Council in the first merger or final six. The Legacy Advantage is a massive advantage for Dom, and he remains to keep this part of his game a secret.


Reward Challenge and Ghost Island

The aggressive water wrestle is back from Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen. X! This challenge was from the on the 33rd season of Survivor, and man is it rough! Each tribe divides into mini-teams that compete against one another in the ocean. The two tribe teams of two have to retrieve one ring and wrestle for it in the water. The first person to be touching both the ring and a post, get the point for their tribe. The first tribe that reached three points in this Reward Challenge won peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a glass of milk! The losing tribe would be left hungry along with one person sent to Ghost Island.

Elbows were flying, water was splashing, and the castaways physical abilities were tested! It was an aggressive sight to watch, but it was Naviti that won the award. The Naviti tribe decided that Malolo had to pull rocks to determine who would go to Ghost Island. While choosing, Kellyn said that “pulling rocks is my biggest fear on Survivor.” The Survivor Gods answered to her, and she was the one to be sent to Ghost Island for the night.


At Ghost Island, as tradition, Kellyn hit an urn entering the camp, and she was given a “game of chance” to play. The chance was that if she won the game, she would receive an advantage, however, if she lost the game, her vote would be lost as well at next Tribal Council. Kellyn trusted her gut and decided not to play the game at all. She explains that in life, we must always trust our guts. She backs up her wise statement by explaining how she recently ended her marriage and is now changing her life because she’s trusting her instincts.


Immunity Challenge

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“Never give up – it is not over until it’s over. ” – Jeff Probst

The Immunity Challenge this week was complete teamwork. The first tribe to pull a treasure chest through a series of events won Immunity. This challenge was also an exhausting one to watch.

Each tribe had to make their way pulling a chest out of the ocean, over a bridge, and onto a platform. After hauling the chest, the tribe had to throw balls onto a thin, tall shelf-beam. The first tribe that got their balls to balance on their shelf won Immunity. By a landslide, Malolo was taking the lead the entire challenge. Because they were unable to finish the last obstacle fast enough, Naviti snuck in quickly and won Immunity for their tribe!




Tribal Council

It’s night 12 heading to Tribal Council, and the Malolo tribe is worried. Before Tribal, the tribe was split up into five original Naviti castaways vs. four original Malolo. The initial five Naviti are confident and plan to vote either Michael or Brendan out. Michael on the other hand, reveals to his three original Malolo tribe, Jenna, Brendan, and Steph, that he has an Idol. Michael found James’ idol from Survivor China in last week’s episode. Michael plans on using it at the Tribal.

At Tribal, Michael throws Bradley under the bus because he’s been very cocky and whiny on the tribe. He explains to the tribe that he should be the next one out, and even tries to convince some of the five to flip votes. Because his confidence was falling, Michael revealed his Immunity Idol to the entire tribe before casting the votes. He then stretches the truth about the idol and says the idol can save TWO people, hoping that this would create fear for the original five Naviti. (We know though that the idol only saves one person though).

In the end, Michael used his idol, but for the wrong person. He saved Steph, but it was Brendan who needed it! No one flipped, and Brendan was voted out at Tribal Council. What will happen to the remaining three original Malolo now on their tribe? Be sure to continue watching next week!

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