CBS Local — In honor of their iconic character, Mario, Nintendo has partnered with Google Maps so users can travel the streets with the famous video game plumber. The new app will add Mario Kart to your mobile devices in celebration of Mario Day, which was on March 10 (or “Mar10”).

Google Maps rolled out the Easter Egg on March 9 and it will be live for a week.

Here’s how to get in on the fun:

First, update to the latest version of Google Maps (App Store on iPhones or Google Play on Androids). Once updated enter the location you want to go and get your directions. Before hitting start, look for the yellow question mark and enable “Mario Time.”

Google’s announcement encourages you to use the integration safely, and not “throw bananas or red shells at other drivers in real life.” Mario will appear for both Android and iOS users, Google added.

Nintendo also announced that a new Mario Kart mobile game is expected to be released in March 2019. For now, some commuters have already started hitting the road with Mario while the app is active.

[H/T CBS Los Angeles]


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