CBS Local — Pizza Hut is rolling out a new version of their customized sneakers which could order pizza with the press of a button. The pizza chain’s new model will now pause live TV so you don’t miss a minute of entertainment when the food arrives.

Pizza Hut unveiled the Pie Tops II on March 5 as part of the company’s annual celebration of the NCAA’s March Madness. “This year, the Pie Tops II were created to showcase our focus on giving customers the best delivery experience while making sure that tournament fans can feed their pizza craving without missing a moment of the action,” Chief Marketing Officer Zipporah Allen said in press release.

Pizza Hut introduced Pie Tops before last year’s basketball tournament. The shoes are equipped with Bluetooth technology that links them to the Pie Tops app on each user’s phone. Along with the same smart button in the shoe’s tongue that instantly orders pizza, this year’s version comes with another button which links the user’s shoe to their television’s DVR receiver. “We don’t want anyone to miss a play while answering the door to get their pizza,” Allen added.

The Pie Tops II will be available in two unique colors, Pizza Hut’s signature red and a new wheat-colored sneaker. The shoes will also have several other new features including “extreme marinara splash,” Pizza Hut lace tags, and “extra cheese pull laces.” The Texas-based chain is partnering with to sell 50 pairs of the exclusive sneakers by March 19. Lovers of the Hut will also be able to win a free pair through social media contests or raffles being held during the Final Four Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas.


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