By Crystal Hessong

Don’t think you have to be a professional chef to cook. These must-haves help anyone become a success in the kitchen.

1. Immersion Blender


No kitchen should be without an immersion blender. You can easily make sauces and soups with ease. Get one that comes with chopping and whipping attachments from Amazon for $29.99.

Purchase on for $29.99


2. Pasta Measuring Stick


Don’t know how much pasta to cook? Are you hungry enough to eat like a child or like a dinosaur? This pasta measuring stick accurately determines how much dry spaghetti to prepare for everyone from a tot to a T-rex. It costs $12 from Fancy.

Purchase on for $12


3. Silpat Cookie Sheet Liner


Never burn your cookies again or worry about scrubbing a burned cookie sheet. This reusable Silpat liner is made of heat-resistant silicone and makes baking cookies a breeze without greasing the pan. Find it at Williams-Sonoma for $26.95.

Purchase on for $26.95


4. Garlic Chopper


Save your fingers with this garlic chopper from Amazon. Drop garlic cloves inside and roll it until the garlic reaches the size you need. It costs $12.95 for an extra-large model.

Purchase on for $12.95


5. Salad Spinner


Dressing won’t cling to wet lettuce leaves. Dry out your salad ingredients easily with a salad spinner. No matter how often you eat salad, this will be an indispensable tool in your kitchen. It costs $24.95 at Amazon.

Purchase on for $24.95


6. Kitchen Scissors


From opening bags to cutting up whole chickens, you need a set of kitchen scissors. Unlike office scissors, a set of these includes a bottle opener, nut cracker and bone cutters. For easier cleaning, pull the pair of scissors apart and toss the parts into the dishwasher. You’ll only pay $14.98 from Amazon for this 8-inch kitchen tool.

Purchase on for $14.98


7. Thermopop Cooking Thermometer


Don’t put yourself at risk for food poisoning from undercooking food. Use a $29 Thermopop cooking thermometer to accurately determine the internal temperature of your food. Get it from ThermoWorks.

Purchase on for $29


8. Brownie Pan


A brownie pan with built-in separator removes the hardest part of baking brownies—cutting them. This nonstick pan bakes a perfectly prepared and cut batch of 18 brownies. It costs $22.98 from Amazon.

Purchase on for $22.98


9. Measuring Cups and Spoons


The fastest way to ruin a recipe is to not carefully follow the measurements given. Oxo’s measuring cups and spoons nest into each other and feature non-slip handles. Buy the set at Amazon for $29.95.

Purchase on for $29.95


10. Coffee or Spice Grinder


Whether you live on coffee or live to cook, you should have at least a pair of grinders in your kitchen, one for coffee beans and the other for whole spices. Don’t use one for both unless you want your coffee to taste like peppercorns or your ground spices to taste like coffee. With a price of $19.99 each from Amazon, you can get a pair without breaking the bank.

Purchase on for $19.99


11. Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher


With a $19.99 cold brew pitcher from Macy’s, you can enjoy the smooth, low-acid coffee you’ve had a coffeehouses at home. Once you’ve tasted cold-brew coffee, you’ll never go back.

Purchase on for $19.99


12. Chef’s Knife


Regardless of your level of expertise in the kitchen, a quality chef’s knife is a must. This tool will make the difference between fast and frustrating meal prep. Get a quality 8-inch stainless steel knife for $43.99 on sale from Amazon.

Purchase on for $43.99


13. Paring Knife


Paring knives produce smaller, more intricate cuts than a larger chef’s knife can. Even knife drawer should include at least one paring knife. Get a Wusthof brand knife from Amazon for $11.95.

Purchase on for $11.95


14. Cooling Rack


Whatever you bake will instruct you to remove the items to a cooling rack. This prevents overheating of the bottom of the pan. The grates on a cooling rack should be narrow enough so even small cookies don’t fall through, and the feet should elevate the rack above the counter to maximize airflow. Get one from Amazon for $9.95.

Purchase on for $9.95


15. Cast Iron Dutch Oven


Even the pioneers knew the versatility of dutch ovens. Though heavy, the cast iron heats evenly, and it goes from the stovetop to the oven. Get a 2-quart Lodge model from World Market for $39.99.

Purchase on for $39.99


16. Counter Top Deep Fryer


Why make yourself a regular at the emergency room with burns from trying to deep fry on the stove? Get a cool-touch counter top deep-fryer from Amazon for $34.49 and save your skin from burns and preserve your kitchen from grease splatters.

Purchase on for $34.49


17. Electric Griddle


Make mornings more delicious by making it much easier to prepare pancakes. While skillets work, an electric griddle heats evenly and has more room for a spatula to turn cooked pancakes. Do yourself a favor and liven up your weekends with more pancake brunches made on an electric griddle from Amazon for only $34.90.

Purchase on for $34.90


18. Cooking Utensil Set


With non-scratching silicone ends and heat-proof wooden handles, this five-piece cooking utensil set from Amazon will be the best thing you can get for $20.99 for your kitchen.

Purchase on for $20.99


19. Mini Food Processor


Every kitchen should have a food processor for easy chopping, grinding and mixing. Get a small, easily stored 4-cup model from Bed Bath and Beyond for $49.99.

Purchase on for $49.99


20. Hand Mixer


Let an electric hand mixer do the work for you when you must mix up wet and dry ingredients. You’ll find so many uses for this mixer around the kitchen to make the $34.99 cost from Amazon completely worth it.

Purchase on for $30.99


21. Nonstick Bakeware


Instead of cobbling together a hodgepodge of different pieces of bakeware, save yourself time and money by opting for a six-piece nonstick bakeware set from Amazon for $39.95. It has all the basic pieces you need and is perfect for stocking a new kitchen.

Purchase on for $39.95


22. Jar Blender


While you can use a jar blender for cooking, don’t forget that you can also make margaritas and other blended drinks in one of these for fun after dinner. Get a glass jar blender with ice-crushing power from Amazon for $26.85.

Purchase on for $26.85


23. Teak Cutting Boards


Durable, long-lasting cutting boards are a staple in every kitchen. Get one for raw meat and a second for cutting fresh foods to avoid cross-contamination and illness. Check out the teak cutting boards from Crate and Barrel for $29.95 to $49.95.

Purchase on starting at $29.95


24. Airtight Storage Containers


Believe it or not, how you store food makes a big difference in your cooking. Improperly stored food at best can get stale and at worst become a picnic for ants. Get a set of four airtight acrylic containers with serving spoons from Amazon for $20.99.

Purchase on for $20.99


25. Toaster Bags


If you love grilled sandwiches but hate the effort, you need these toaster bags in your life. Put the sandwich in the bag and pop it into a toaster. The bag prevented melted cheese from catching fire in your toaster and ruining your sandwich. A pack of three of these reusable bags costs only $8.99 on Amazon.

Purchase on for $8.99


26. 2-Slice Toaster


Speaking of toaster bags, you need a toaster, but not just any toaster. Look for one with multiple settings and extra-wide slots, especially if you want to use your toaster bags with it. One such toaster from Chefman brand costs $29.99 from Amazon.

Purchase on for $29.95


27. Vegetable Spiralizer


Continue your tradition of spaghetti night, even if you’re on a low-carb diet by substituting spiralized vegetables for pasta. For $49.95 at Williams-Sonoma, you can get a 4-blade spiralizer to make healthy eating a breeze. This little device transforms carrots, zucchini and more into low-carb, pasta-like strands.

Purchase at for $49.95


28. Pizza and Bread Stone


Don’t wait for delivery. Instead, make your own homemade pizza dough and cook it to crispy perfection with this 16″ round pizza stone. It can be used in the oven or on the grill. Get it from Amazon for $39.18.

Purchase on for $39.18


29. Manual Can Opener


You cannot go wrong with a good, manual can opener in your kitchen. These are handy for those few pesky canned goods that don’t include pull tabs, and great to have for opening canned goods in an emergency. Amazon has an Oxo brand model for $13.95.

Purchase on for $13.95


30. Mixing Bowl Set


Get this set of three mixing bowls with sturdy handles and pouring spouts. This invaluable set only costs $24.95 at Amazon.

Purchase on for $24.95


31. Singing Pasta Timer


Tired of overcooked or crunchy pasta? Get this cute singing chef pasta timer. It cooks in the pot with the pasta, starts timing when the water boils and sings when the pasta is perfectly al dente. Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99.

Purchase on for $19.99


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