CBS Local — Money may not buy happiness, but according to one study it may help keep a marriage together. Researchers have revealed the jobs that have the highest chance of divorce in the U.S. and the news is not good for people working in casinos and bars.

According to data from a five-year survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, gaming managers have the highest divorce rate as 52.9 percent eventually split up with their partner. Bartenders finished just behind the casino workers with a divorce rate of 52.7 percent. Also making the list of likely divorcees included flight attendants, telemarketers, and several types of metal and plastic machine workers.

The study, carried out by statistician Nathan Yau and published by Flowing Data, found that money was a major factor in the decision leave or stay together. Among the jobs with the lowest risk of divorce were physicians, surgeons, chemical engineers, and scientists. Actuaries were found to have the best chance of a stable marriage. The job with a median salary of $97,000 a year had a divorce rate of only 17 percent.

Yau adds that the divorce rate is also much higher among the unemployed than working Americans. “Commitment to a partner with an unstable income—someone who runs up the credit card bills, incurs large health care expenses… can diminish family savings,” the Institute for Family Studies explained, via “We suspect that employment instability, as opposed to low income per se, may be part of the explanation.”

Here’s a look at the highest and lowest divorce rates among American workers…

Top 10 Highest Divorce Rates By Occupation:

  1. Gaming managers – 52.9 percent
  2. Bartenders – 52.7 percent
  3. Flight attendants – 50.5 percent
  4. Gaming services workers – 50.3 percent
  5. Metal/Plastic rolling machine operators – 50.1 percent
  6. Switchboard operators – 49.7 percent
  7. Metal/Plastic extruding and drawing machine operators – 49.6 percent
  8. Telemarketers – 49.2 percent
  9. Textile knitting and weaving machine operators – 48.9 percent
  10. Extruding, forming, pressing and compacting machine setters, operators and tenders – 48.8 percent

Top 10 Lowest Divorce Rates By Occupation:

  1. Actuaries – 17 percent
  2. Physical scientists – 18.9 percent
  3. Medical and life scientists – 19.6 percent
  4. Clergy – 19.8 percent
  5. Software developers – 20.3 percent
  6. Physical therapists – 20.7 percent
  7. Optometrists – 20.8 percent
  8. Chemical engineers – 21.1 percent
  9. Directors, religious activities and education – 21.3 percent
  10. Physicians and surgeons – 21.8 percent


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