This Ethiopian staple may be our next superfood.

Teff is native to Ethiopia and has long been an Ethiopian staple. Mainly used in injera, a type of Ethiopian pancake, it’s similar to other ancient grans like quinoa, spelt and millet because they haven’t been genetically modified and they’re all highly nutritious.  Ethiopian Gold Medalist Haile Gebrselassie credited teff as they ket to success for Ethiopian runners.

So why isn’t it more popular? More than 90% of the world’s teff is grown in Ethiopia, but teff exports were banned by the government in 2006 after seeing what happened to quinoa in South American countries. The quinoa boom caused high international demand which made the price of the grain expensive locally.

Thankfully, the teff ban lifted in 2015 so we can now freely enjoy the superfood and make it a part of our diet, too.



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