Comedian Gilbert Gottfried’s first break in show business came completely by accident. The Brooklyn native was performing at Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club in New York one night and a television executive happened to be in the audience. That exec asked Gilbert to audition at MTV and the network cut up his audition tape and played it on air. Gottfried’s career exploded from that moment and features appearances on shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “The Cosby Show” and movies such as “Beverly Hills Cop 2” and “Aladdin.” The 62-year-old can now add documentary to that list as Gottfried is the star of director Neil Berkeley’s new film “Gilbert.”

Gottfried stopped by the CBS Local Studio in New York to discuss his storied career, the documentary and his proudest moments.

“When I first got the idea to be in show business, I had stupidity on my side,” Gottfried told CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “Back then, I was stupid and thought I could make it in show business.”

Berkeley’s documentary “Gilbert” chronicles the comedian’s life on the road performing and his life at home as a husband and father of two. The film gives viewers a personal and intimate look at who the real Gilbert is and that’s something Gottfried has never been comfortable with.

“I never wanted to make the documentary,” Gottfried said. “Neil Berkeley the filmmaker came up to me and said ‘I’ve always dreamt of making a Gilbert Gottfried documentary.'” “I said you should set your dreams much higher than that.”

The documentary features commentary on Gottfried from comedians such as Whoopi Goldberg, Artie Lange and Bill Burr. While Gilbert’s career has been filled with many memorable moments, two moments will always stand out to him.

“When I was in the theater watching my scene in Beverly Hills Cop 2 and the theater exploded, that was a proud moment. When I did the episode of the Cosby Show, they said that was the most watched episode of a sitcom and that it broke all the records. It was amazing to be connected to that.”

“Gilbert” is out in theaters now.



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