Those pesky silica packets that are found in everything we buy are actually quite useful. Here’s why you shouldn’t throw them away!

Prevent Tools from Rusting | Toss them into a tool box to soak up the excess moisture that leads to rust.

Keep Pet Food from Going Stale | Store in an airtight plastic or glass container with a packet taped to the lid.

Freshen Up Old Books | Put the book and a few silica gel packets in a plastic bag, let it sit for a day.

Protect Old Photos | Add them to the storage box to ward off damage and odor caused by humidity.

De-Stink Dirty Laundry | Throw the packets into your hamper or gym bag to absorb odors.

Save Your Luggage | Prevent moisture damage and lingering odors by adding a few silica gel packets to luggage.

Keep Silver from Tarnishing | Store your silver with a gel packet to prevent corrosion.

Prevent Window or Mirror Fog | Set a few below your mirror and keep 2 or 3 on your car’s dashboard.


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