If Whole Foods predictions are correct, you may find yourself snacking on some surprising treats in 2018!

Mushroom-Infused Coffee | Expect to see mushrooms infusing your coffee and chocolate, marketed as a way to promote wellness. The fungi will as increasingly be used in lines of soaps and hair care.

Engineered Plant-Based Foods | The teeth industry is finding ways to make meatless products taste just like the real thing. Innovations include dairy-free desserts that get a creamy texture through scientific manipulation of nuts.

Root-to-Stem | You can turn your veggie stems into treats like picked watermelon rind, broccoli stem slaw or beet green pesto.

Super Powders | Whole Foods says 2018 will see more growth in the ever-popular turmeric-based drinks while powders like matcha, maca root and cacao are also increasingly being incorporated into beverages.

Floral Flavors | Whole Foods predicts an increase in hibiscus and rose flavors, among other botanical inspirations.

What are your thoughts on these coming trends? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter


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