CBS Local — A British study has found that more grooms in today’s society are taking their new wife’s surname than in past generations.

The survey, carried out by the London Mint Office, says one in 10 men choose to take the last name of their bride. According to The Telegraph, 72 percent of married couples said they had adopted the husband’s last name. That number is down from the 97 percent of couples over 55 years old, who likely married a generation ago. The poll of over 2,000 couples also found that 11 percent of newlyweds agreed to use the double-barreled, hyphenated name as a compromise.

The British coin dealer commissioned the study as part of the upcoming 70th wedding anniversary between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. After their 1947 marriage, the newly crowned queen of England announced she would be keeping her name of Windsor instead of adopting the prince’s name of Mountbatten.

According to the survey, younger men are also twice as likely to get down on one knee when proposing to their partner as compared to past generations. The changing attitudes of married couples has reportedly altered the monogamous commitment between husband and wife too. When asked if fidelity was important to their marriage, only 36 percent of the couples polled said yes.


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