By Sam Maracic

What do anxiety, acne, bug bites and sleepiness all have in common? Essential oils. That’s right—for thousands of years, oils have been used as natural remedies to mediate both physical and emotional ailments. From lavender to lemon oil, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re feeling moody after a long day or struggling to fight off a cold, try reading up on a few of the holistic healers below.


If you’re new to the world of essential oils, consider this one the holy grail of our list. Ideal for its many benefits, therapeutic-grade lavender is incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from reducing itch to helping to heal burns. Plus, it is a go-to scent for anyone who struggles with stress or anxiety. Rubbing a bit on your wrists and inhaling helps to immediately relax the body, while placing a few drops on your pillow or in a diffuser promotes restful sleep.


With an energizing, citrus smell, lemon oil is known for its major mood-boosting and concentration-promoting qualities. In addition to its invigorating scent, lemon oil also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it a great natural cleanser for your home.


Do you struggle with headaches to no avail? Consider adding this natural remedy to your wellness routine. Aside from helping to alleviate muscle pain and congestion, peppermint oil promotes circulation, making it great for a tension headache. Try placing the oil either on your temples or wrists to see if it works for you! Some of this essential oils other claims to fame include promoting healthy hair growth and working as an insect repellant. (If you’re interested in creating your own bug spray, try combining peppermint with other oils like citronella, eucalyptus and tea tree.)


Much like peppermint, cinnamon oil is also used to help ease head pain through either diffusing or inhaling. In addition, this is an ideal scent for deodorizing and detoxifying the air in your home or bedroom. Like some of the other oils on the list, high quality, therapeutic-grade cinnamon oil can be consumed. Though it is said to relieve sore throats and promote weight loss, this is something you should absolutely consult with a medical professional about before trying.

Tea Tree Oil

Whether it’s a regular occurrence or a one-off zit, this essential oil is ideal for all of your daily skin woes. Aside from being found in many well-known skin care products, tea tree oil can be applied topically to both acne and fungal infections. Though again, it is still best to consult with a doctor prior to use.


Another cure-all to add to your collection is eucalyptus. As a true, multi-purpose oil, eucalyptus helps with everything from itchy scalp to reducing cold sores and fever. In addition like many of the other oils on this list it can be combined to work as an insect repellant and decongestant.


If you’ve been wondering what that scent is diffusing during your weekly yoga class, there’s a good chance what you’re smelling is frankincense. Besides being great for aiding the immune system and healing skin irritation, frankincense is a go-to scent for spiritual and meditation rituals. It is incredibly calming and blends well with other oils like lavender.




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