CBS Local — A Green Bay police officer is being praised for his actions after a child was left at school without anyone to pick him up. Making the boy’s story even more heart-wrenching: it was his birthday.

According to reports, the eight-year-old was left at his Wisconsin elementary school on October 25 when Officer Darryl Robinson was called to help. Green Bay police say the boy’s mother is currently in prison and the school didn’t have any other family contacts to call. With no place to go, Robinson decided to make the most of the child’s birthday and took him to the local McDonald’s for a meal. The boy’s cheeseburger celebration was followed up with a ride in the officer’s patrol car while police tracked down his relatives. The child’s grandfather was eventually found and reunited with the abandoned youngster.

A day after the incident, Green Bay police decided to share Robinson’s selfless act on Facebook. The story of the impromptu birthday party has already been shared nearly 2,000 times and liked by 11,000 Facebook users.

“I didn’t know this was going on social media. Officers do this everyday. Not just police but different public service jobs as well —teachers, social workers. All of us do this, it’s not a rare occurrence,” Robinson told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. The officer added that he had met the child before on a previous police call and hopes to keep in touch with him in the future.


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