CBS Local — If you like a seat with a view you might be a selfish person. That’s what a new theory published in the United Kingdom is saying about travelers who love their window seats.

Psychologists speaking with The Telegraph, labeled flyers who need the window seat as very controlling and live in their own “bubble.” “Passengers who favor the window seat like to be in control, tend to take an ‘every man for themselves’ attitude towards life, and are often more easily irritable,” Dr. Becky Spelman said. Celebrity psychologist Jo Hemmings added that people who need to sit by the window were more likely, “less anxious, seasoned flyers who are more confident in disturbing others.”

For aisle seat flyers, their personality is more of a mystery. While both English psychologists believed aisle sitters were generally more considerate and likely just uncomfortable flyers, other studies say those in the aisle are the true control freaks. “Choosing an aisle seat is an expression of freedom. You know you have the ability to get up and walk around without having to ask anyone or climb over your seat mate,” Dr. Jonathan Bricker contends. The University of Washington professor added that aisle seat flyers are likely introverted and prefer the “easy escape route.”

According to a 2016 survey, a third of travelers would pay extra to sit by the window. Only 15 percent would go the extra mile for the aisle.


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