CBS Local — According to a new report, the number of refugees coming to America has fallen to the lowest levels in decades. The findings come as the global refugee population has spiked over the last fours years.

Pew Research Center says the U.S. has resettled 28,000 refugees across the country since January 2017. That number puts the country on a pace to finish the year far below the total of 97,000 refugees resettled in 2016. Pew’s researchers cite the Trump administration’s much more restrictive policy on admitting people into the United States. At the beginning of President Trump’s term, the administration set a new ceiling of 50,000 refugee admissions during the 2017 fiscal year. The White House reportedly plans to lower that total to 45,000 next year.

As the nation rolls back it’s resettlement policies, Pew reports that the number of refugees around the world has exploded to over 17 million people. The drastic rise in the refugee levels, which were around 10 million in 2010, are attributed to the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Africa; places that have been engulfed by civil war and the spread of terrorists organizations like ISIS.

The refugee resettlement total is likely to stay far below where it was during the Obama administration as the U.S. Supreme Court recently sided with President Trump’s temporary ban on refugee entrees. The nation’s highest court blocked a lower court’s ruling that would have eased the White House’s ban and allowed up to 24,000 refugees into the country before November.


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