CBS Local — As the country moves into the digital age, America’s brightest minds are reportedly giving new meaning to the old saying “go west, young man.”

According to a report from Bloomberg, the nation’s smartest people are moving to more and more western states that used to be the home of America’s farming and mining towns. Bloomberg’s “brain concentration” map, which tracks employment and education in science, technology, and engineering careers, revealed that three of the top 10 cities seeing an intelligence boom are in Colorado.

“Brain drain is what we had when the oil and gas companies shut down and people left,” said Cilia Kohn, a Colorado economic development director. “Now they are coming back.” The small college town of Boulder, Colorado was ranked as the top spot for the increase in brainy workers.

California, home of Silicon Valley, also saw two major cities make the top five for brain power. San Francisco and San Jose finished second and third respectively. Other cities to make the list of the most concentrated intelligence included Seattle, Washington, Madison, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C.

With so many educated workers reportedly moving out west, the news is not so good for the east coast and rural areas of the U.S.  Bloomberg’s “brain drain” list was headlined by Muskegon, Michigan. The manufacturing town is just one of the many smaller towns affected by America’s changing job market. Other towns on the brain drain list included Altoona, Pennsylvania, Springfield, Illinois, Joplin, Missouri, and casino haven Atlantic City, New Jersey.


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