Did you know that driving an electric car over a traditional gas-powered vehicle cuts your carbon emissions by more than half? Making a difference is easy.

Here are five actions to help significantly shrink your carbon footprint.

Ditch Red Meat | Going vegan could shrink your food-related carbon footprint by 60%.

Recycling | Recycling paper, cardboard, metal and glass can save 850 pounds on carbon emissions annually.

Going Electric | Driving an 84-mile-range electric car cuts emissions by more than 50%.

Choosing Cold Water | Washing clothes with hot water creates 5x the emissions. Using cold water could save you nearly $100 per year.

Planting Trees | A single tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year. The carbon footprints of 18 people can be neutralized by just an acre of hardwood trees.

Happy reducing!


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