CBS Local — Airports around the world were affected by a massive computer outage Thursday with caused delays for travelers in several countries.

The delays were reportedly caused by a network issue in the global flight-booking system operated by the Amadeus IT Group. The outage affected more than 130 airlines who all use the system to help manage flight reservations and luggage services.

While the delays lasted only a few minutes in some locations, many airports and passengers reported long lines and confusion due to the glitch. The Spanish software company issued a statement after nearly four hours to announce their systems had, “recovered and are now functioning normally.”

Airlines including Air France, Southwest, Qantas, and British Airways were all affected by the booking outage. Although the network problem has been resolved by Amadeus, airports are cautioning customers that the backup may linger as providers try to get back on track.

Thursday’s early morning hiccup is the latest outage to delay or cancel flights around the globe. Airlines like Delta and British Airways have suffered from IT outages in 2017 which forced the cancellations of hundreds of flights. “There’s been failures before, small glitches,” air travel analyst Alex Macheras said. “But to have it on a global scale is very unusual.”


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