The stunning color changes, cool air, and pumpkin flavored everything make up many peoples favorite season, but some of these fall facts may be surprising.

  1. The reason we have the season has nothing to do with the distance from the sun. It’s actually because of Earth’s 23°  tilt in relation to the sun.
  2. Fall colors are present all year long, but leaves get their green color from the chlorophyl in them. Less daylight hours, along with cooler temperatures, cause the chlorophyl to break down which causes the other pigments to be exposed.
  3. Those who live around beautiful fall foliage have probably heard of leaf peeping. The changing colors attract people from all over to take pictures and spend money in that area.
  4. Fall was originally called harvest because farmers would gather their ripe crops. Then the word autumn came around. It wasn’t until the 1600’s that some poets used the phrase “the fall of leaves” which shortened to fall.
  5. That pumpkin spice flavor many love isn’t actually pumpkin. The flavor is usually a combination of nutmeg, ground cinnamon and dried ginger and cloves.

Happy fall!


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