Halloween is here! We must start preparing, but sometimes the creativity part of Halloween is hard. It’s so easy to walk into a pop-up costume store and buy another humdrum, über expensive costume that at least 3 other people you know will be wearing.

Not to worry, pop-culture and the world of DIY are here to save the day! So much has happened this year and Halloween is the ideal opportunity to showcase the crazy. It was nearly impossible to narrow it down, but somehow I managed to put together 6 DIY, 2017 inspired costumes to try this Halloween. Most of these require a hot glue gun, paint brush and scissors.

Pregnant Beyonce

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This year, Beyoncé announced her pregnancy, and the world SHOOK! What better way to honor Queen Bey then by mimicking her announcement photo. Steps: Obviously, this costume is perfect for the pregnant Halloween go-er. If not, buy a fake belly. Cut your display board into a U shape and apply your flowers and ivy with a hot glue gun. That is your background. You can add straps to it to wear it around or just carry it with you. Curl your hair in tight ringlettes. Put on your red lipstick, bralette and shorts. Cut 6 or 7 feet of green tulle and drape it over your face. Go out be fierce!

Green Tulle | Bralette | Display Board | Faux Flowers |

Faux Ivy | Shorts | Belly | Red Lipstick | Hair Curler

Unicorn Frappuccino

The unicorn was definitely 2017’s spirit animal. We unicorned everything this year: bagels, grilled cheese and Frappuccinos! Starbucks unveiled their Unicorn Frappuccino and everyone exalted in praise – except for the baristas that were forced to toil over the sweet treat. Pay homage to the fruity frap with this costume. Steps: Wrap vinyl around your body leaving a few inches between you and the vinyl. It should cover from about your bust to just above your knees. Cut to size. Glue it at edges. Scrunch and glue tissue paper at random to inside of vinyl. Cut a tiny hole at the top of the vinyl, attach the straps and cover the clips with more tissue paper. Swirl the white tissue paper around to mimic the whipped cream. Put a small bit of both paint colors on tip of a paint brush and flick it to splatter the paint on the white tissue paper. Glue the tissue to the headband. Cut a thin bit of green construction paper, roll it (length-wise/hot dog way) and glue it at the edges. Glue it to the “whipped cream.” Stick the Starbucks sticker to the front of vinyl “cup.”

Starbucks Sticker | Acrylic Paint (fuchsia & purple)| Tissue Paper (purple, blue, fuchsia and white)

Green Construction PaperClear Vinyl | Shoulder StrapsHeadband

Snapchat Hot Dog Guy

Yes, of course there’s a Snapchat filter on this list! This year, the world fell in love with a little hot dog with a heart of gold and some killer dance moves. Bring him to life this Halloween! Steps: You can try to recreate the hot dog, itself, if you’d like, but the costume below is perfect. This one is simple. Draw a curvy “ketchup” line along-side the “mustard” line on the costume with the red puffy paint. Let dry. Wear the green scarf to replicate the relish. Then, put on your mitts, headphones and costume. Bonus points if you can breakdance.


Hot Dog Costume | Green Headphones | Oven Mitts |

Green Scarf Puffy Paint |

Wonder Woman at the Gala

Wonder Woman took box offices by storm in 2017. As of September 24th, the film made a domestic total of $411,990,490. The scene that caught responsible for that astronomical number must be the “sword at the gala” scene. The recreation is simple. Steps: Buy a blue gown (the one linked below is only $49), give your hair a messy updo and tape the sword to your back under your dress. If things get ugly, brandish your weapon.

Gown | Sword | Hair Tutorial |

Salt Bae

Memes are a staple of pop-culture. They effect the way we communicate and act as a bright light in an otherwise dark social media landscape. Oh yeah, and they’re just plain ridiculous! Salt Bae exploded in 2017. Show love to the salty meat man with this easy costume. Steps: Don the white tee, sunglasses and watch. Be sure to carry your slab-o-meat around with you. Lastly, cock your elbow back and let the salt fly! Bonus points if you rock the goatee and mustache. 

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U-Neck T-Shirt | Sunglasses | Watch |

Steak Dog Toy | Salt

Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale

In fall of 2016, we met Cheryl Blossom. By early 2017, we were fully bewitched by the crimson-tressed enchantress. Though Cheryl’s life is far from dull, a few moments stood out among the rest. Jason’s funeral was haunting, surprising and chalk full of Cheryl being… Cheryl. Recreating this spooky scene won’t be difficult. Steps: Find a white dress, cropped bolo sweater, white lace gloves and white veiled headband. Finish the look with a thin red belt, red lipstick and the iconic red hair. Be cruel, be witty and be crazy!

Credit: The CW

Head Band Veil | Lipstick | Dress | Sweater |

Belt | Gloves | Wig


And with that, your 2017 Halloween is complete! Which 2017 pop-culture disaster will you try this year? Are there any another pop-culture icons that you plan emulate? Share your costume ideas with us on our socials:




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Happy Halloween ö

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