CBS Local — A teen in Arkansas has begun a desperate search for his beloved pet. However, this pet doesn’t bark, or fly, or even slither: 19-year-old William Gould’s missing friend is a cactus.

The prickly companion was allegedly stolen off the front porch of Gould’s Little Rock home on Sept. 5. The teen began posting missing flyers around his neighborhood and on Twitter after the reported plant-napping. Gould says his cactus, which goes by the name Terrence, was rescued from a home that was going to throw him out about three years ago.

The strange case became even more peculiar after Gould reportedly started a Go Fund Me page in order to hire a private investigator to track down Terrence the cactus. “It was a date that will live forever in infamy,” the teen posted on the fundraising site.

The robbery reportedly occurred while Gould was at school and the plant was left out on the porch to get sunlight. The upset owner claims Terrence, “is not familiar with this area and is easily confused.”

The 19-year-old also revealed to reporters that Terrence has a brother, a fellow cactus named Clarence, which hasn’t spoken much since the alleged abduction. It’s not clear if the flyers are a prank or a sincere attempt to track down the missing cactus, but Gould is urging people to call him if they’ve seen the wayward plant.


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