Did you know there’s a formula that has determined the optimal time for dunking your Oreo?

Read this list and your taste buds will thank you! Kristina Guerrero of The List has five incredible things you didn’t know about Oreo cookies. Read them below and get more info in the video above.

4 Second Dunk | It’s been scientifically tested that the optimal amount of time you should dunk your Oreo is 4 seconds!

Android Oreo | Android 8.0 is the Google phone’s new operating system and has officially been named Oreo.

Oreo Wonder Vault | The Oreo Wonder Vault is the magical place where they create Oreo flavors. The first Wonder Vault was discovered in New York City and is now roaming the country.

Double Stuf Study | According to a study conducted by a high school, Double Stuf Oreos only contain 1.86 x more cream than regular Oreos.

Oreo Celebs | Jaleel White and Brian Austin Green are among some of the celebs featured in Oreo commercials over the years.

The more you know… Happy snacking!


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