Leaves change color, weather gets crisper and your pooch gets antsy!

Fall is the perfect time to grab your pup and go play. We have 6 activities that your doggo will love to do during the fall, and so will you.

Pumpkin Picking | Curious canines will love scouring through a pumpkin patch.

Playing Football in the Yard | Most dogs love playing catch, and this one is sure to tucker them out.

Jumping in Piles of Leaves | We don’t have many leaves here in Florida, but work with what you can.

Going for a Hike | A dog is the perfect companion for a long hike.

Shopping for a Halloween Costume | Dressing your pooch up for Halloween may seem ridiculous, but it can be so cute!

Riding in a Canoe | Many dogs love water, and this is a great way to enjoy the water in the cooler months.


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