CBS Local — A group of hunters in Mississippi not only have a “big fish story” to tell their friends, but a state record to prove it too. State officials say the men caught the longest alligator recorded during the opening weekend of the hunting season.



The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) says the enormous gator measured in at 14 feet, 3/4 of an inch long. It beat out the old state record by a mere half-inch. The massive reptile also weighed in at 766 pounds; or about the same weight as four average grown men.

The alligator was caught in Mississippi’s southwest hunting zone near Natchez, MS. Hunter Bryan Burnside and his three partners posed with their prized catch which was hoisted up by a forklift to show that the beast’s tail was taller than anyone in Burnside’s party.

The record catch is made even more impressive by the short length of the alligator hunting season. Mississippians have only 10 days to go gator hunting each year. About 3,500 alligator hunters head into the Mississippi waters during the season as the state only hands out 920 permits for the event. The hunting season closes on September 4 but Burnside and his team can already call the event a success.



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