Today, August 21st, is solar eclipse day! As the Earth hasn’t seen a total solar eclipse in 99 year, this event is the main topic of conversation, but don’t believe everything you hear.

Check out these 9 modern solar eclipse myths!

MYTH # 1 | If you cook food during a solar eclipse, it will be poisonous and un-pure.

MYTH # 2 | If you plant flowers during a solar eclipse, they will be more bright and colorful.

MYTH # 3 | The solar eclipse marks the coming of the apocalypse.

MYTH # 4 | A solar eclipse 6 months after or on your birthday is a sign of bad health.

MYTH # 5 | Wearing red or metal during a solar eclipse will protect your baby if you’re pregnant.

MYTH # 6 | Sleeping with wet hair during a solar eclipse will turn you into a lunatic.

MYTH # 7 | If you cut an apple during a solar eclipse, your baby will be born without fingers.

MYTH # 8 | Banging pots and pans will make the eclipse go away.

MYTH # 9 | Attempting to conceive during the eclipse will result in a baby with super powers.

Hope this puts your mind at ease!

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