The 2017 solar eclipse will probably be one of the most photographed eclipses of all time, so its important know how properly take pictures without breaking your camera or phone.

First and foremost, you can’t take pictures of the solar eclipse without a solar filter – that goes for both your phone or camera. Check these out on Amazon. Protect your eyes at all times with solar glasses, like these on Amazon.

It’s best to use a camera with a telephoto lens – between 300-1,000MM zoom. A point and shoot camera will still work. Here’s a telephoto lens for the iPhone.

If you’re using your phone, know that the photo may not turn out great. The telephoto lens and solar filter will help, but the quality may still be lackluster. Photos will look best when taken in the path of totality (the darkest spot on the map in the .gif below).

Use a tripod and a remote shutter for a steady shot. Keep in mind that you can rent any gear you don’t currently own.

If using a camera, DO NOT look through the view finder at the sun. It will damage your eyes. Use your digital display, instead.

Racketing, or taking multiple exposures of the same shot, is the best method for photographing the eclipse.

If you’re using a camera, keep your aperture between F16 and F8. If your photos aren’t turning out great, try shooting in RAW rather than the compressed JPEG.

Do not remove your solar filter at any time while shooting.

We can’t stress this enough; be sure to wear your solar eclipse glasses while shooting!


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