Researchers say they have likely discovered the oldest recorded case of gigantism.

The remains studied are believed to be those of Sa-Nakhr, an Egyptian pharaoh who lived roughly 4,700 years ago. His skeletal measurements suggest he stood about 6’1″, which is considerably greater than the 5’4″ average of the time. While the ruling class didn’t generally stand taller than the masses as they were better nourished and healthier, none of the time is known to have gown to such heights.

The study, which was conducted by researchers from the University of Zurich, notes that in the analysis of the remains, “only his long bones show signs of exuberant growth.” They also mentioned, “The fact the he was buried with honours in an elite mastaba-tomb, after reaching adulthood, suggests that gigantism at the time was probably not associated with social margination.”

Not only will the study aid in learning more about ancient Egyptian society, it can provide insights into the development of the condition over time and expand modern medicine’s understanding of it.

(Photos in the video above)


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