In today’s day and age, technology has worked its way into the fabric of our everyday lives. You may have even noticed the trend trickle down into your children’s everyday norm. In our fast-paced world, finding the balance between free play and iPad time can seem more like a chore than a choice. However, technology doesn’t have to be the enemy! Ipads can be a great tool for fine tuning your little one’s brain while having fun. These six apps will provide endless laughter while your children work hard to solve puzzles, work on skills and learn to create. Compromise is key when it comes to technology, so be sure to set time limits, work through the apps and help guide them as they explore.

Flow Free

Free, Ages 4+, iPhone, iPad, Android

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Much like chess, this puzzle game inspires critical thinking as your little one connects the dots to complete the grid. Connect the matching colored dots to create a pipe without intersecting others to finish the puzzle. The free version has 1,000 levels that increase in difficulty as you progress. More levels are available through in-app purchase so be sure to set the ground rules before they begin playing to guarantee you’re both on the same page.


Free, 5+, iPhone, iPad, Android

Have fun with numbers in this classic game designed to challenge your brain. This puzzle works well with all grade school ages testing out skill sets that range from easy, medium and hard. The goal is to finish the puzzle by filling every row with a complete set of numbers from one to nine. Be careful not to repeat a row and be sure to double-check your work as you race to beat your best time.


$2.99, Ages 4+, iPhone, iPad, Android

A clever app that combines the best of Tetris, Boggle, and spelling. This game is so fun your kids will forget that they’re learning in the process. Swipe across, up, down and diagonally to create endless word combinations. Your child can start with a simple beginner mode or challenge themselves in puzzle mode while racing against the clock as they try to make as many matches as possible before reaching the top! You might even find yourself asking for a turn as you look on with this game.

Stack The States

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$2.99, Ages 5+, iPhone, iPad, Android

Learn about geography with this exciting social studies game. Answer questions about our state’s shapes, capitals and more in a race to the finish line. Earn a state for every round played and complete the mission when you acquire all 50 states. Then, once you have a handle on the US you can purchase the Stack The Countries app and learn about geography from around the globe. Bon Voyage!

Monster Physics

$1.99, Ages 7+, iPhone, iPad, Android

Engage your future engineer with this quirky science app. Not only are your kids learning about physics, engineering and design but they’ll also be working on their critical thinking skills. Your little ones can choose to create their own design for fun or follow the missions to help out the monsters. That’s one small step for science and one giant leap for your kids.

Drawing Pad

$1.99, Ages 2+, iPhone, iPad, Android

Everyone could benefit from a little creativity. Studies have shown that working on creative skills can encourage focus and critical thinking in children. So when you’re not at home or don’t want to bring out the messy supplies – try this app on for size!

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