CBS Local– Pyrex is known for essentially being Tupperware made of glass, but vintage bowls can be worth thousands of dollars right now. The earliest designs, when they first were made in color in 1947, are sought after by Pyrex collectors.

Corning Glass Works first launched Pyrex products in 1915 in clear glass before the aforementioned shift of color happened.

Pyrex collectors are easily accessible in Facebook groups, so if you have an old piece of Pyrex and are looking to cash in, now is the time!

Michael Barber founded the website Pyrex Passion and shares his story of how he first got hooked on collecting. He was helping his mother clean out her house when he stumbled upon her Pryex bowls, of which she was getting ready to donate. But he asked her if he could have them instead.

“I went online to find the rest of the set and got lost in the world of all the opal Pyrex patterns and designs,” Barber said, via NPR. “I thought they were so beautiful and we don’t have anything like that these days.”


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