CBS Local– Being neurotic may actually be beneficial for the longevity of life, according to new research.

In a study of more than half a million people in England, researchers found that those who scored high on a neuroticism test live longer. The main feelings that come with being neurotic are irritability, frustration and guilt.

“Our findings are important because they suggest that being high in neuroticism may sometimes have a protective effect, perhaps by making people more vigilant about their health,” said lead author Catherine Gale, via Evening Standard.

The study found that those who scored high on the neuroticism scale also reported that they were in poor health.

“We also found that people who scored highly on one aspect of neuroticism related to worry and vulnerability had a reduced risk of death, regardless of how they rated their health.” said Gale.

According to the study, the next steps for researchers is to understand why neuroticism has this positive health effect.


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