CBS Local– Starting September 18, it will be mandatory for any new home built in South Miami to have solar panels.

The bill is the first of its kind in Florida, and it passed with a vote of 4-1. In some cases, renovations to existing homes will require solar panels as well.

“Solar reduces the cost of home ownership, it makes houses sell faster, it returns more to a builder, it makes local jobs, and most importantly, it reduces carbon emissions today to help our children and grandchildren have a better future tomorrow,” said South Miami mayor Philip Stoddard, via Miami Herald.

Stoddard, also a professor of biology at Florida International University, led the charge on this bill. He also boasts that he drives an electric car as well as having his entire house run on solar. He says his monthly energy bill is just $10.

Commissioner Josh Liebman was the lone vote against the bill. He said he’s not anti-solar energy, he’s just pro-freedom of choice. He’s also concerned about the money that comes in from utility bills, which makes up 7 percent of the city’s budget.

“So even if we were were going to give up one-sixth of that, it would still be 1 percent of our budget,” said Liebman. “Where is the substitute?”

Would you be in favor of your city or town making solar panels mandatory?


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