CBS Local — Darwin and Cindy Cameron lost their 12-year-old retriever, Mo, on a hunting trip in September. Nine months later, thanks to Cheri Glankler and a Facebook group, Mo was returned to the Camerons, only after surviving on her own in the mountains.

How did the dog and owners finally get reunited? Well, at the end of June, Glankler found the old retriever, took her to the vet and posted in the “Lost Pets Boise” Facebook page. Some started to comment that it might be Mo.

Glankler thought it was a match, though was careful not to raise the Camerons’ hopes. They’d had more than a few false alarms since Mo went missing. The Camerons, fearful this would lead to more sadness, decided to drive to Glanker to see if the dog in question was indeed Mo.

Before the Camerons arrived, Glanker gave a warning: If it was Mo, don’t get upset if the dog doesn’t immediately exert a ton of positive emotion.

“They all expect this kind of Disneyland response like you see sometimes in videos when veterans come home,” Glankler told the Idaho Statesman. “And to be perfectly honest, that’s abnormal. People don’t understand that (the dogs) have gone into survival mode.”

Mo didn’t jump onto Cindy or Dawin, as Glanker warned, but did show signs of familiarity.

“I knew right away,” Glankler said. “She went to Cindy and pushed her head into Cindy’s belly. Cindy was looking her over and looking for all the signs that this is Mo — a stitch in her right eye, her fatty tumor.”

The Camerons are ecstatic that they have Mo again.

“The sheriff’s office, the hunters who set aside their tags and their hunting trips to help look for a lost dog,” Darwin Cameron said. “Boy, we’re blessed to have her back.”
Glankler deflects all the praise and heaps it on Mo for finally getting back home.
“Who saved Mo? Mo saved Mo,” Glankler said. “Even here when I would take her out on a lead, she was searching. She knew who she was looking for. She’s incredible.”

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