CBS Local– At a Fourth of July block party in Asheville, North Carolina, one of the residents set up a giant slip-and-slide for the kids (and adults). The fun seemed certain to stop when police showed up because of a complaint that the slip-and-slide was blocking the road.

The cops surveyed the scene, assessed whether or not the fun was blocking any traffic, and asked: ‘who’s got next?’

“When the police came, they quickly realized that wasn’t the case and asked if they could take a turn,” said Katlen Joyce Smith, a resident, via CNN.

One officer used a trash bag to slide down as the kids were, while the other got escorted down in a big water raft.

“We looked at it and determined it wasn’t really an issue,” said Officer Carrie Lee, via a video from the police department. “So the first thing I said, I said I’m not here to break up your fun.”


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