CBS Local – Social media has changed the modern world, for better or worse. Most of the us are enamored with the platforms, especially young people, but it could have a damaging effect on our sense of self.

According to a study conducted by the University of New South Wales, Australia, social media platforms are detrimental to our sense of body image. When we’re constantly smacked with models whose pictures are heavily edited, we portray ourselves in a negative light in comparison.

In other research by the same university, they found that women rarely compare themselves to magazines or billboards these days, only seldom for television, but they do regularly on social media. It’s the new front line for body image issues.

On The Conversation, the authors of the study, Jasmine Fardouly, Rebecca T. Pinkus and Lenny R. Vartanian, wrote in less scientific prose about what could be done to remedy this.

“We need to find ways to reduce the impact of social media comparisons,” they wrote. “People could detox from social media if they notice it is making them feel badly about themselves or their body. However, to do this, people need to be aware of the impact social media has on them.”

If a total detox isn’t in the cards, well, just unfollow the Kardashians?

“People could unfollow or avoid people who post highly edited, idealized images of themselves, like the Kardashians,” they wrote. This may reduce how often people think others look more attractive than them on social media.”


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