2016 Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here! We must start preparing, but sometimes the creativity part of Halloween is hard. It’s so easy to walk into a pop-up costume store and buy another humdrum, über expensive costume that at least 3 other people you know will be wearing.

Not to worry, pop-culture and the world of DIY are here to save the day! So much has happened this year and Halloween is the ideal opportunity to showcase the crazy. It was nearly impossible to narrow it down, but somehow I managed to put together 7 DIY, 2016 inspired costumes to try this Halloween.

Puppy Dog Snapchat Filter | Man’s best friend has quickly become man’s favorite Snapchat filter. Show that pooch you care with this super cute canine costume. Steps: Cut brown felt into an elongated oval with flat bottom for dog ears. Cut pink felt into same dog ear shape, slightly smaller than brown felt, to mimic the inside of dog ear. Hot glue pink felt to brown dog ear felt. Fold them over to create floppy look. Hot glue the ears to headband. Cut pink felt in shape of tongue, draw a line with pencil long-ways down center of tongue. Hot glue popsicle stick to back of tongue. Drawn outside of dog nose around your nose with light brown makeup, follow shape of upside C. Draw nostrils with dark brown makeup directly on tip of your nose. Add whisker dots with eyeliner (optional). Add black tape to white T-Shirt and write in any text you’d like. Hold up your popsicle-stick-tongue to your mouth when talking to friends and Snap away! 

Credit: cw44_tampabay

Credits below

Felt (Brown, Pink & Black) | Popsicle Stick | White Tee | Face Paint (Brown & Black)

Head Band | Black Tape | White Marker | Hot Glue | Scissors

Narcos | The story of Pablo Escobar is one that we’ve heard many times, but it was not until the release of Narcos that we truly understood the man behind the legend. The world quickly became enthralled in his story. It’s only right that we pay tribute in the form of costume. When recreating this look, think 70’s style. You can purchase the infamous Narcos sweater online (link below) and pair it with light wash jeans and white sneakers. The mustache and wig are key, as well. And don’t forget your street ‘goodies.’ Mimic Mr. Escobar’s product with a styrofoam block wrapped in plastic wrap and duct tape.

Credits below

Sweater | Light Wash Jeans | Shoes | Wig and Mustache |

Styrofoam Block | Plastic Wrap | Duct Tape |

Pokémon Go | Though it’s reign was short, Pokémon Go was the king of smart phone gaming across the globe this summer. It brought us out of our homes for long walks, it created friendships among strangers and it was the cause of many car accidents. Pay homage to 2016’s most infamous app with this simple costume. Don the outfit and top it with the baseball cap… Amazon.com actually sells a Pokémon hat (listed below)! Steps for Pokéball: Paint an empty circle in middle of ball. Paint a thick, black line around circumference of styrofoam ball, leaving circle empty. Paint top half of ball red. Throw your Pokéball at friends because you Gotta Catch’em All!

(Photo credit should read NICOLAS MAETERLINCK/AFP/Getty Images)

Credits below

Styrofoam Ball | Poster Paint (Red & Black) | Pokémon Cap |

Hoodie Vest | Backpack | Gloves | Paint Brush

Ryan Lochte | Mr. Lochte has one heck of a year. He earned a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics, he got engaged to his beautiful Playboy model girlfriend and he got in BIG trouble in Rio. How can we forget his awkward interview with Matt Lauer concerning his Brazilian escapades? Lochte made a few mistakes, told a few lies and quickly became Brazil’s least favorite swimmer. But let’s show Lochte some support, shall we? Spray paint your hair silver, show off your gold medal and rock your teeny, tiny Speedo. Follow the “Fire Print-Out” links below, print and cut out the photos and tape them to your swimsuit because you’re a Liar, Liar and your Pants are On Fire!

(Photo credit should read GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Credits below

Speedo | Goggles | Silver Hair Spray |

Gold Medal | Fire Print-Outs: RightLeftButt

Arthur Meme | For many of us, our childhoods were reborn with the explosion of the #ArthurMeme. That adorable aardvark filled our homes with joy as children. Now, Arthur is back and he’s got something to say! Create your own #ArthurMeme with the signature yellow sweater, mom jeans and red tennis shoes. Add a mock, white collar and finish with a personalized meme message sign.

Credits below

Monkey Ears | Round Glasses | White Collar |

Yellow Sweater | Light Wash Jeans | Red Sneakers | Meme Sign

Beyonce’s Lemonade | It’s arguably one of the biggest albums of the year. The music video movie is the backdrop of every scorned woman’s fantasy. The lyrics sparked gossip and controversy, leaving us with questions still unanswered. Beyonce’s Lemonade changed us this year. Bring Lemonade to life with a faux fur coat, leggings, crop top and ankh dagger necklace. Cornrow your hair or try a wig like the one listed below. And don’t leave the house without a bottle of lemonade.

Credits below

Blonde Cornrow Wig | Faux Fur Jacket | High-Waisted Leggings |

Crop Top | Necklace | Lemonade

Donald Trump | Yes, this is a repeat from last year, but he’s just too hard to ignore. 2016 is chock-full of Donaldisms, the good, the bad and the ugly. Show him your undying support (or undying disdain) with the infamous hair-do, a suit and tie, some orange self-tanner and a handmade slogan sign of your choosing. Try the slogan below or maybe you’d prefer, “You’re disgusting!” or “We need global warming!” Have fun with it.

(Photo by Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images)

Credits below

Wig | White Button Up | Sport Coat |

Tie | Self-Tanner | Sign

And with that, your 2016 Halloween is complete! Which 2016 pop-culture disaster will you try this year? Are there any another pop-culture icons that you plan emulate? Share your costume ideas with us on our socials:




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Happy Halloween ö

Vanessa Rao | CW44 & CBS Tampa Bay

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